UI Design, WordPress


Eagle Transport GRP



About the project:

The trucking industry plays a crucial role in the economy of the United States. It is a highly competitive industry, and trucking companies need to have a strong online presence to remain relevant. I was tasked with designing and developing a website for a trucking company that was easy to navigate and intuitive for users of all ages. The main objective of the website was to advertise the careers page.


To create a website that was easy to navigate and intuitive for users of all ages, I designed the user interface with simplicity in mind. The website had a clean and modern design, with a white and blue color scheme that complemented the trucking company’s logo.


The navigation menu was placed at the top of the homepage and was designed to be easy to understand and use. The menu contained links to the home page, about us, services, careers, and contact us page. The careers page was highlighted to make it more visible and attract potential drivers to the company.

Careers Page:

The careers page was the main focus of the website, and it was designed to be informative and easy to use. The page contained information about available positions and how to apply. The application process was made simple, with a simple form that could be filled out and submitted online. The form required users to provide their name, email address, phone number, and resume.


The website I designed and developed for the trucking company was a success. The website was easy to navigate and intuitive for users of all ages. The careers page was prominently displayed, making it easy for potential drivers to find and apply for positions. The contact us page was easy to use and allowed users to contact the trucking company with ease. The website was optimized for search engines, making it easier for potential drivers to find the website. Overall, the website helped the trucking company to improve its online presence and attract more drivers to the company.